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Planet Home Real Estate Ms. Roberta Barbaccia

The real estate agency PLANET HOME, located a few meters from the main piazza in Amelia, operates in the splendid Amerino area, full of fascinating medieval villages and natural landscapes.

The owner Dr. Roberta Barbaccia, who has over 10 years experience in the field of real estate, is certified as a real estate agent by the CCIAA of Terni as 469, by Albo dei Mediatori Creditizi as 115222 and is associated with FIAIP.

Through a scrupulous and highly qualified service, the agency is in charge of the buying and selling of villas, country houses, apartments, farms, land and the locating of real estate for residential or commercial purposes.

Focusing on full client satisfaction as a priority, PLANET HOME responds rapidly to the requests of the clients and based on the collaboration of experts and esteemed professionals offers a whole range of additional services such as: the settlement of bureaucratic files, communal files, estimates, budgets, legal assistance, fiscal assistance, notary assistance, the finding of craftspeople, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, gardeners, service personnel and all that would be necessary for the purchase, construction, restoration or maintenance of a property.

Thanks to the staff of the PLANET HOME Technical Studio, the agency is able to offer numerous technical services such as: architectural and structural planning, coordination of site security, energy certification, topographical surveys, and ownership.

The care in selecting properties, the wide range of services offered, the dynamic modern approach and the predisposition towards human contact, are all part of the PLANET HOME Real Estate Agency a reliable contact in the varied Amerino real estate market.


  • Property inspection and consultations on real estate value.
  • Assistance with the retrieval of documents necessary for a sale.
  • Photographic service and property description in two languages.
  • Property advertisements on the current internet site and on other major websites in the area.
  • Property advertisements through flyer and brochure publications.
  • Property advertisements through national and/or international magazine publications.
  • Property advertisements through external collaborators.
  • Selection and management of potential buyers.
  • Preparation of preliminary contracts and public acts.
  • Translation and interpretation services.
  • Guarantee of professionalism and honesty.
  • Complete assistance until deed notarization.


  • Personalized searches of real estate.
  • Scheduling of visits to selected properties.
  • Complete assistance until deed notarization, including technical, legal and fiscal assistance.
  • Consultations for bank financing.
  • Translation and interpretation services.
  • Management of future restorations to the property.
  • Post-purchasing services.


  • Arrangement and drawing up of leasing contracts for commercial and residential use.
  • Filing of contract registrations and communication of the lease to the local bodies.
  • Leasing for holidaymakers: photographic service and description of the property in two languages, property advertisements on the current website and major websites of the area, property advertisements through national and foreign external collaborators

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